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Happy Halloween!

I’m doing my first ever Tumblr giveaway this month. I’m an elementary school teacher and lover of all things Halloween. Every year I decorate classroom and make quite a few baskets and bags for my students and the trick-or-treaters who visit my home. Since I buy new things every year, I also have a lot of things left over.

This morning, I was sorting through everything and I realized I could probably make a dozen (12) grab bags and ship them out to my followers, so that’s what I’m doing!

Halloween Bags will include:
☠ Toys, Stickers…
☠ Pencils, Books…
☠ Balloons, Buttons…
☠ Decals, Puzzles…
☠ Games, Mugs…
☠ Cauldrons, Bookmarks…
☠ Lights, Tombstones…
☠ Decorations, Crafts…
☠ Cosmetics, Magnets…
☠ Paint, Paper Cut-outs…
☠ And More!

Everything will have a Halloween theme! The only thing ((not)) included are edible things!

Giveaway Rules
☠ Reblog this post (no limit)
☠ Follow this blog (click here)
☠ No giveaway blogs

This is going to be a really quick giveaway that starts today October 1st and ends on October 20th. So, it’s about three weeks. This should give me enough time to get these to you before the 31st!

Good luck and please make sure you have your inbox open!

This ends today!

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have you ever watched an episode of something that was so horrible you just sat there afterward like did a group of people really read this script and say ‘wow great idea’

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At the Supernatural 200 episode party! The flowers in my hair are for you Tumblr <3

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This is it. This is the most important moment in Doctor Who history. There never was and never will be anything more important than this.

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Season 10 is coming!!!!!

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Archangels are fierce


They’re absolute


Heaven’s most terrifying weapon


And then there’s Gabriel


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“Your assignment is to write a short fictional story”


“But keep it realistic, no fantasy worlds”


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It wasn’t all bad news at Donka. I met a newborn boy, whose mother had been previously diagnosed with HIV, but the disease had not been passed on to him. He woke up as I was passing by and was full of smiles and curiosity.  [x]

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cat: places paw tentatively on boob
me: please–
cat: presses paw down on boob
me: don’t–
cat: slowly, agonizingly walks across boobs

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A rare photo of Marilyn taken in New York City, 1960.

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oh how the times have changed 

This is definitely worth reblogging.

i reblog this every time

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Tell me one thing. All those facts and figures I saw of The Doctor’s life, you were never alone. All those bright and shining companions! But not any more? 


Might I ask, why not? 

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